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How to Prep a Car for Winter with Ocean Honda of Burlingame

Winter Tire


South San Francisco drivers can do a few different things to prepare for rough winter conditions. If you are needing to navigate icy roads or a snowstorm, it’s important to prepare your vehicle to handle any obstacles that come with winter conditions. From the fluids to your tires to your battery, here are a few winter car prep tips from our team at Ocean Honda of Burlingame.

Tire Inflation

Your tires are the first thing that will keep you safe on Palo Alto roads. You should be consistently checking your tire pressure during the winter season, even if your vehicle is equipped with a TPMS, it’s good to keep an eye on your tires. Improper tire pressure can lower the control you have of your vehicle. Once temperatures dip below 32 degrees, your tire pressure will decrease. 

Replace Your Tires

It is a good idea to have your tires rotated and replace any that have worn down treads. Tire rotations help disperse wear and tear evenly, and help your tires maintain traction on Palo Alto roads. Consider making the change to winter tires. Winter tires can help you have better control, shorten your stopping distance, increase traction to power through snow and icy hills, navigate slushy conditions, and stick to the wet roads. 

Replace Your Liquids With Winter Formulas

Replace your windshield wiper liquid and brake fluid with winter formulas. If you’ve dealt with the grimey, icy crust that covers their windshield in South San Francisco or your adventures beyond, a proper wiper fluid can minimize the possible obstructions. Brake fluid can get infiltrated with rocks and water droplets during the winter season, but having it replaced with a winter formula can help you minimize these obstructions.

Check Your Car Battery

One of the most important things experts recommend when asked how to prep a car for winter, is to check or possibly replace your battery. Temperature changes put additional strain on your battery when it tries to push heavy liquids through the engine. It is a good idea to have your battery checked for any corrosion or damage worth getting fixed, or have it replaced prior to the change in weather.

Contact Ocean Honda of Burlingame for Your Winter Car Prep Tips

Our service team at Ocean Honda of Burlingame in Burlingame can help you with any winter car prep tips. You can come by for a service appointment to get all of the necessary checks on your vehicle. Our main goal is to help you stay as safe as possible throughout every season. Come visit us today, and check out our service specials to get a good price.

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