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Why are my Brakes Shaking or Squeaking?

Mechanic Inspecting Brake Pads and Rotors


Your braking system is one of the most important contributors to your vehicle’s performance and safety, and when something goes wrong, it’s easy to panic. So, why are my brakes shaking or squeaking? The answer could be many different things, but luckily, the service department at Ocean Honda of Burlingame can help. In this guide, we go through some of the most common reasons for braking issues to narrow down your search. Then, schedule your service with us in Burlingame to get the problem resolved for good!

Shaking or Vibrating Brakes

Why are my brakes shaking? If you notice shaking when you hit the pedal or even vibrations in the steering wheel, this means something is off-kilter in your vehicle. It could be one of several factors:

  • WarpedRotors: Your brake rotors are designed to hold your brake pads in place, but over time, they thin and deteriorate. This allows the brake pads to slip, which can feel like a shaking sensation.
  • Tire Damage: When your tires are off-balance, this can throw off your entire car and place extra strain on your suspension system.
  • Steering or Suspension: When your steering or suspension is having issues, it can result in vibrations during both braking and driving in Daly City.

Squeaking or Squealing Brakes

Why are my brakes squeaking? Squeaking brakes can make your South San Francisco commutes unpleasant, so here are the top three reasons we see squealing brakes at Ocean Honda of Burlingame. 

  • Brake Pads: When your brake pads get too thin, they expose a metal layer that squeals loudly against your brakes. A simple brake pad replacement may be all you need.
  • Brake Rotors: Rust and dirt can build up on your rotors, which can cause loud noises. A technician can simply file away the debris to get your rotors back to smooth, silent performance.
  • Braking Habits: The harder you are on your brakes, the faster the components will break down. Using a lighter foot when braking can keeps your car running smoothly for miles to come in Palo Alto.

Schedule Your Service Today at Ocean Honda of Burlingame

So, why are my brakes shaking or squeaking? Find out at Ocean Honda of Burlingame. Our service department will diagnose and resolve the problem quickly, so you can get back on the roads of Burlingame in no time. Contact us with questions to get started!


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